It is a standard certification covers the entire process of production, from the time the plant is in the soil (source and seed control points) to the final processed product.

The standard Integrated Farm Assurance GLOBALG.AP (IFA) provides the framework and standards for independent certification and by third parties, of all production processes in the operation, based on ISO / IEC Guide 65. This ensures that only certify those who reach a certain level of compliance of Good Agricultural Practices.

This standard is recognized internationally. In September 2007 EurepGAP changed its name to GlobalG.A.P. Currently, it includes more than 80,000 certified producers in 80 countries not only Europe, but also in North and South America, Africa and Asia.

The purpose of the standard is to increase consumer confidence in food safety, developing “best practices agriculture” (GAP) to be taken by producers.


  • Food Safety.
  • Environmental Protection.
  • Health, Safety and Occupational Welfare.
  • Animal Welfare.


GlobalG.A.P. provides tools that verify  objectively  the best practices in a systematic and consistent manner throughout the world. This is achieved through the implementation of this protocol and its performance criteria.

A GLOBALG.A.P certified producer is competitive advantage ensuring its business continuity by demonstrating a commitment to safe food production in sustainable environment and developing “good agricultural practices” (GAP). Therefore, growing the trust of its customers.



It is an exclusive, independently accredited, quality standard that assures the customer that Tesco fruit and vegetables are grown in an environmental and responsible way.


  1. Leading the way:  Work closely with suppliers and set the highest standard.  The ‘Nurture’ scheme evolved and work with 15,000 growers in 70 countries across the world.
  2. Working in partnership with the Suppliers and Communities: a dedicated technical team travel the globe building relationships with each grower to deliver the highest quality of fruit and vegetables. Through the scheme it endeavors to support the local communities of growers who work in partnership with Nurture.
  3. Commitment to quality Fruit and Vegetables:  Assurance that Tesco fruit and vegetables has been grown to the highest quality standard in an environmentally sustainable and responsible way.
  4. Caring for the Environment:  Unique approach with ‘Nurture’ offers to pioneer standards around the use of pesticides, reducing energy usage and allowing to break new ground improving and enhancing the local environment.
  5. One Standard: using one standard allows telling the customers exactly where the product has come from and by following every step of the way, from seed to shelf.


  • Ensure traceability ofl products back to source.
  • Grow and select the highest quality fruit and vegetables available.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to protect wildlife and landscape conservation.
  • Encourage sustainable farming practices, such as use of energy, natural resources and recycling.
  • Rational use of artificial pesticides, fertilizers and manures.
  • Ensure all staff is treated in a responsible manner.

Each producer is audited annually to ensure they meet the high standards required by Tesco.  Nurture covers all aspects of agricultural practices, promoting best agricultural practices in the industry.